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                Radial Oriented Ring Magnet
                Permanent Nd Magnet in Ring shape, it is very popular used in Servo motor, Brushless motor, Automotive Motor, Robot Driving Motor applications.
                Block Neodym 38UH Magnet for servo motor
                Permanent Nd Magnet in Rectangular Block shape, it is very popular used in industrial Motor, Compressor, Wind turbine applications.
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                Permanent Arc Magnet for Servo Motor
                Permanent Nd Magnet used in Industrial Motor application
                Magnetic rod
                Magnetic rod, also called magnetic bar and magnetic filter bar, it was used to remove iron impurities in pharmaceutical and food industry.
                NdFeB Pot Magnet, Magnetic hook
                Neodymium magnetic hook is made of strong Neodymium magnet and a steel cup with normal hook attached at the top, it is useful for hanging hot pads, keys, utensils, mirrors, ornaments and other decorations on metal doors.
                Block Magnet for Automobile
                Permanent Nd Magnet used in Automobile application
                U Shape Ironless Linear Motor
                U-Channel Ironless Linear Motor