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                Company profile
                ˇń Company: Ningbo Tongchuang Strong Magnet Material Co., Ltd ------ China magnet supplier, strong magnet supplier, nd magnet factory, Neodymium magnet manufacturer, rare earth magnet exporter.
                    One of leading manufacturer and supplier of rare earth magnet, specializing in sintered NdFeB magnet researching, manufacturing, application and marketing.
                    We manufacture and marketing sintered neodymium iron boron NdFeB permanent magnet with independent and owned patented technology for all clients from different countries and different application areas.
                ˇń Founded in :  2004
                ˇń Products :
                    1, Sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet and magnetic systems/assembly.
                    2, Radial Oriented Ring Magnet
                ˇń Business Area :
                    Automotive (HEV, EV), Industrial motor, Elevator, Wind power, Mobile phone, Acoustic component, Compressor, Rail Transit Traction Motor……
                ˇń Leading position:
                    1.We are the strategic partner of NIMTE (Chinese Academy of Sciences) engaged in the research of “High Coercivity Sintered NdFeB with Low Dysprosium”.
                    2.Our enterprise postdoctoral working station was founded on 2017.
                ˇń Certificate:  IATF-16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2016, RoHS, Reach
                ˇń Capacity :  3000 Tons/Year
                ˇń Employee :  250
                ˇń Contact:
                    Add:  NO.318 Kexin road, Wangchun Industrial Park, Ningbo(City), Zhejiang (Province), CHINA - PC 315171.
                    Tel :   0086-574-88170908  88192731
                    Fax :  0086-574-88089787  88089789
                    E-mail :  sales@sankomna.com
                    Website :  www.sankomna.com


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