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                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings

                Magnetic Couplings

                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                NdFeB Magnetic Couplings
                Material: N, H, SH, UH grade Neodymium (Nd) magnet and Q235A, 304/316L stainless steel 
                Size:  Inner Diameter: D22 – D210mm or customized.
                Outer Diameter: D50 – D300mm or customized.
                Application: Hydraulic sectors, dosing systems, compressors, industrial ovens, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry etc.
                Key words: No leakage, Hermetic separation, Very high efficiency
                TC Mag, Your solid and reliable partner
                Magnetic couplings and drivesú║
                Magnetic coupling is a new generation of coupling, which by using the power generated by permanent magnets to transmit drive torque. it consists of external rotor, internal rotor and isolating cover.
                Magnetic coupling was widely used in pump and agitator systems to isolate the electric motor drive from highly toxic and/or aggressive liquids. This has the advantage of removing dynamic seals which have a finite lifetime and are prone to leakage. They replace mechanical seals with a complete and air-tight static permanent seal. Magnetic couplings can also be used as a torque limiter to protect system drive components.
                Principles of operation:
                The magnets are installed alternating between poles in a side by side and opposing position as seen in the diagram. The main body of each coupling half is of ferromagnetic material to aid the channeling of the magnetic field correctly and therefore maximizing transmittable torque.
                Benefits of Magnetic couplings: 
                1, No leakage
                2, Maintenance free
                3, Very high efficiency
                4, Vibration reduction
                5, Management of misalignment between shafts
                6, Hermetic separation between two areas
                7, Ability to limit a maximum torque
                Areas of Application:
                Magnetic couplings can be used to connect gear pumps, screw pumps, centrifugal pumps etc. with all types of electric motor or gear box.
                The ability to hermetically separate two areas while continuing to transmit mechanical power from one to the other makes these couplings ideal for applications where prevention of cross contamination is essential, For instance: hydraulic sectors, dosing systems, compressors, sterilizers, industrial ovens, biotechnology, subsea equipment, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, generators, mixers etc. 





                Our advantages

                1. We are manufacturer

                2. More than 10 years in this industry

                3. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS, Reach

                4. Effective & professional technical support

                5. Strict QC & top quality

                6. Reasonable & competitive prices 

                7. Professional & efficient service

                We can provide a complete service from consult, design to sampling and bulk production, Should you have any questions, please contact our professional engineer.

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                Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.We will reply you in 24 hours.
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