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                What is LD ratio

                What is LD ratio
                Time:2016-12-03 From:
                L/D is a ratio to analyze the shape of a magnet, and it is a very important parameter to judge the temperature resistance ability of the magnet basically. 
                Normally, we advise L/D ratio£¾0.5  (≥0.7 will be even better ) 
                L/D ratio was calculated as follow:
                £¨1£© e g, D10*6  disc magnet, magnetized direction is 6,  its L/D ratio£º 6/10 = 0.6, it has a good L/D ratio,  it would stand the high temperature as we designed.
                £¨2£© e g, 15*15*3 block magnet, magnetized direction is 3, its L/D ratio: 3 /£¨2* =  3 / 16.92 = 0.17,  L/D ratio is very low£¬so it would not stand the high temperature as we designed, we have to revise something to improve it.
                For more details, please consult our professional engineers.
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